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New Agent Tips

As new programs, services or facts come to light that are geared toward helping freshman REALTORS® succeed and thrive in the Berkshire real estate marketplace, we will keep you informed. There is an incredible amount of value in continuing to learn and grow into this exciting profession!

Work-Life Balance: Managing Client Expectations - September 30, 2011


When the YPN network had a brainstorming roundtable session to develop issues to address this year, one winner was engaging a top-notch speaker to discuss work-life balance. Please mark your calendars for the Work-Life Balance Workshop on September 30th. Diana Brooks, will address how to manage the work-life balance by setting client expectations, creating personal goals and communicating effectively. This should be a fun and very informative event! Limited SEATING!

Although Diana is a Berkshire-ite, she brings national level experience to our group. If you've seen too many canned seminars with loads of hype but no lasting effect, you'll be happily suprized. Diana's programs answer the need for high-impact, fully customized training with built-in follow-through. The program is tailored to our culture, industry and includes relevant hands-on practice, fast-paced, upbeat instruction. You should come away with specific techniques and strategies to use immediately for improvement of your performance, and for the overall performance of your business. 

Program runs from 9-12, followed by networking lunch.    Event details

REALTOR Rockstar 2012 - March 23, 2012

Skills to help you find success in the real estate business

Finding, engaging and securing new customers and of course, satisfying current ones …  
This market shows that very few can sit in the office and wait for potential clients to
come in or call ‐  For the majority of salespeople, finding
 Event details

Pathways to Professionalism

Beyond Ethics. Top-notch Real Estate Services

Pathways to ProfessionalismWhile the Code of Ethics establishes enforceable, ethical standards governing our professional conduct, the 'Pathways to Professionalism' is a voluntary commitment you can make to respecting your clients, customers, fellow REALTORS®, property and the public . For real estate professionals, it’s the little things count the most when making a good impression on clients and business associations.

The material also includes information on establishing service standards, or operating benchmarks, as an effective way to control risks. It lets your clients know, up front, what to expect from their brokerage relationship. Simply answer a few questions, put it on paper, and commit to and work by the promises made. A free, color brochure is also available for your marketing use. View the full Pathways to Professionalism Material

Professionalism Reminder of the Week:

Respecting the Public Rule #2When working with clients or customers, take care not to abandon them by taking frequent or in-depth cell phone calls.”

Picture this

Your client or customer has cleared their own schedule to meet with you, perhaps has hired you as their exclusive representative and is actively in the midst of the home buying or selling experience…Is this the time you want to send the message that their real estate needs are not your top priority? That your time is more important and theirs? That other clients or customers come first?

Everyone knows that real estate agents live by the phone. The convenience of the cell phone has changed our business for the better by making agents easily available. Yet, it is easy to forget that when an agent is with a prospect, client or customer and the agent’s cell phone rings, the interruption is a gross breach of etiquette; it is rude.

Hey you pay for that feature!

Cell phones have fantastic voice mail capability. Turn off the phone. Build your relationship with the people you are meeting. Then, after the meeting, check your messages and return calls. Now you are master of the cell phone and no longer its slave.

An exception to the rule:

We all know there are moments when you as an agent are waiting for a response to an offer or you are trying to make an offer on behalf of a client. But you also have a meeting. When you start the meeting, explain the situation to the person with whom you are meeting. Indicate the urgency of the matter and ask them for their permission to let you have the phone on so you can take care of the offer. Tell them you will be expeditious. Given forewarning, they will be ready and will excuse the interruption if it occurs. Put the phone on vibrate, screen the calls as they come in, and take only the call that is of utmost urgency.

Sounds manageable and makes good business sense, no?

MAR Tech Helpline Waiting to Assist You

Don't Forget about this Huge Member Benefit

One of the most valuable technology benefits to MAR members is the Technology Helpline. The MAR Technology Helpline is a service available exclusively to Massachusetts REALTORS®, MAR affiliate members, and local REALTORS® association staff. The Tech Helpline offers toll-free access to a staff of trained technology counselors who can help you to resolve problems with software and hardware installations and operations for Windows, Macintosh and Palm Pilot systems; Internet connection issues; computer compatibility with printers, scanners, digital cameras and other new business devices, and basic functions of electronic forms software, such as MassForms™. The staff specialists operating MAR's Tech Helpline are available Monday-Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. via our toll-free phone line: 1-866-232-1837.

Compensation - Notes from the MAR Legal Hotline

Cooperative Compensation Issues Addressed this month

Are you wondering how cash-back issues at closing can affect the compensation offered to cooperating brokers? The MAR Legal Team weighs in with an answer to a common question asked on the Legal Hotline...  More information

Asbestos Issues Found, Seminar Held

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with Asbestos handling & Liability

In recent weeks, the Board office has fielded several calls regarding asbestos, and a REALTORS obligation and liability of disclosure.  More information

New Housing and demographic information posted

Data at your Fingertips

When you are an active REALTOR in the Berkshires, it is important to know the demographics you are dealing with - both in housing and in the population. When building and updating your business plan, the perfect time is in this market, and the American Community Survey can be very valuable in understanding where you live and work.

Consider this: Could knowing that 60% of the housing in Berkshire County is valued under $200K impact your business plan? What about understanding that 80% of the housing stock is valued at less than $300K? It can make a difference in the markets you target and the skills you hone to be competitive. What is our homeownership rate, our unemployment rate, or the age of the most residents? Interesting stuff that could help you understand the business aspect of the community in which you live. All free, and at your fingertips: Housing & Demographic information

Listing Submission Reminders

Most Common Errors

We've been tracking the most common listing errors (some resulting in fines) and thought you'd like to see the summary:  More information

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